KB WhatsApp


This app isn’t just another pretty face (though it has those too); it’s packed with unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Think secret spy stuff like sending massive videos without limits, scheduling messages for later, and even customizing the app’s look and feel to match your vibe.

Think of KB WhatsApp as the cool older cousin of the regular WhatsApp. It packs all the familiar stuff you love with a bunch of awesome extras that make chatting way more fun. Curious about what makes it tick? Keep scrolling, we’re about to unleash all its hottest features!

But it doesn’t stop there! KB WhatsApp is constantly evolving, with the developer always working on new surprises. To download the latest version and unlock all its secrets, hit that button at the bottom! You won’t regret joining the coolest chat party in town.

What is kb WhatsApp?

KB WhatsApp is a modded version that takes your chats to the next level! It’s packed with powerful features you won’t find in the official app, things users have been craving for ages.

Remember how WhatsApp was great, but sometimes lacked customization options? That’s where programmers stepped in, creating different versions with unique names and colors. Now, there are over a hundred out there, all under the “modified WhatsApp” umbrella.

Each version has its cool tricks, but KB WhatsApp reigns supreme. It throws new surprises your way with every update, making it the go-to choice for anyone who wants to spice up their chats.

One of the best things? KB WhatsApp keeps your privacy on lock. Need to ditch those spammy messages? Just block the sender, and they’ll be out of your picture (and inbox) for good!

Q: What is KB WhatsApp and how is it different from regular WhatsApp?

A: KB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers tons of extra features and privacy options you won’t find in the regular app. Think of it as WhatsApp’s cooler, more customizable cousin.

Q: Is KB WhatsApp safe to use?

A: Safety depends on where you download it. Since it’s not on official app stores, you’ll need to get it from third-party sources. Always stick to trusted sites like kbwhts.com to avoid any risks.

Q: Can I get banned for using KB WhatsApp?

A: Using outdated versions of KB WhatsApp can lead to bans. But don’t worry, as long as you keep the app updated, you’ll be able to enjoy its features without any trouble.

Q: Where can I download KB WhatsApp safely?

A: kbwhts.com is a trusted source for downloading KB WhatsApp.

Q: How do I keep KB WhatsApp updated to avoid getting banned?

A: Check for updates regularly within the app itself. Installing the latest version ensures you have access to the newest features and stay safe from bans.

Multiple versions of KB WhatsApp

Multiple versions of KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp brings a pop of personality with four vibrant options: Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow! Each color isn’t just an aesthetic choice – it unlocks a unique experience tailored to your style.

  1. Red for the Bold & Lively: Let your fiery spirit blaze through chat screens with this passionate hue. Make a statement, grab attention, and leave a lasting impression. Red KB is for those who live life in Technicolor and aren’t afraid to turn heads.
  2. Blue for the Calm & Collected: Seek serenity with this ocean-inspired theme. The cool blue tones radiate tranquility, perfect for focusing on conversations and fostering meaningful connections. Blue KB is your haven from the digital chaos, a space for mindful chats and peaceful interactions.
  3. Black for the Sleek & Sophisticated: Exude timeless elegance with this classic choice. Black KB is modern, minimalist, and undeniably chic. It oozes professionalism and makes a confident statement without saying a word.
  4. Gold for the Fun & Optimistic: Spread sunshine with this cheerful color! Yellow KB is a ray of light, radiating warmth and positive vibes. It’s all about spreading smiles and laughter through every message.

But it’s not just about looks! Each KB version offers exclusive features to enhance your WhatsApp experience. Discover exciting themes, customized emojis, and chat tools that let you express yourself like never before.

Choose your color, customize your KB, and let your personality shine through! KB WhatsApp isn’t just a messaging app, it’s a canvas for creating a digital space that reflects your true self.

Why Choose KB WhatsApp?

Check out the table below to see exactly how KB WhatsApp takes things to the next level. Remember, this is just a taste – with KB WhatsApp, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

FeaturesKB WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp
Automatic Response
Invisible online status
Hide Blue tick
Customize Background
Share large files
Lock chat
Download status

KB WhatsApp Features

Hold onto your chat hats, folks! KB WhatsApp just dropped a mega-update packed with features that’ll supercharge your conversations and make you wonder how you ever messaged without it. Buckle up, we’re diving deep into the coolest upgrades:

Chat Like a Boss:

  • Unlimited Messages: Send message marathons without limits! No more holding back, let your fingers fly.
  • Pin Your Faves: Pin up to 1000 chats for instant access to your besties and groups. Never lose track of important threads again.
  • Theme Fix: Downloading themes just got smooth as butter. No more struggling with funky downloads, customize your app with ease.
  • Message Delay Solved: Say goodbye to laggy messages! This update tackles delays on even the most vulnerable devices.

Free Fun & Customization:

  • Free Forever: KB WhatsApp is completely free, so you can enjoy all its awesomeness without breaking the bank.
  • Simple & Smooth: Navigating the app is a breeze. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, even for non-tech gurus.

Ninja-Level Privacy:

  • Effects Back!: Add some flair to your messages with the re-enabled Effects option. Play with fonts, colors, and more!
  • New Skins: Spice up your chats with a bunch of new skins for the Effects option. Swipe up or down to unleash your inner artist.
  • Group Mentions: See instantly when someone mentions you in a group with the handy @ sign on the main screen.
  • Separate Messages: Keep group chats organized. View your own and others’ messages separately, no more scrolling chaos.
  • Group Control: Take charge of your groups! Decide who can add people and limit the invite list.

Feature Frenzy:

  • Auto Reply: Set up automatic responses for when you’re busy. Never miss a beat, even when you’re AFK.
  • Scheduled Messages: Plan your messages. Surprise your friends at exactly the right time!
  • No More Scrolling: Lock down your screen! Stop accidental jumps between chats, statuses, and calls.
  • Swipe & Delete: Easily recall or delete conversations with a simple swipe left or right.
  • Message Time Machine: Delete ANY message you sent, even from ages ago! Clean up your chat history with ease.
  • WhatsApp Detox: Tired of clutter? Use the new cleaning options to keep your KB WhatsApp sparkling clean.
  • Color Me Happy: Customize the app’s colors to match your vibe. Go neon, pastel, or anything in between!
  • Notification Ninja: Control your notifications like a pro. Choose what you see and when you see it.

⚡️Speed & Stability:

  • Faster than Ever: Get ready for a lightning-fast KB WhatsApp experience. This update is all about speed and performance.
  • 5 Months Strong: This version will keep working smoothly for up to 5 months, giving you plenty of time to enjoy its awesomeness.

Stealth Mode & More:

  • Dark Mode: Dive into dark mode for a sleek and stylish chat experience.
  • Transparency Power: Go transparent! Adjust the app’s opacity for a unique look.
  • VPN Blocker: Stay secure with the built-in VPN Proxy Blocker.
  • Quick Access: Jump to your chats instantly with the new quick access option. No more navigating through menus.


  • Text Bomb: Send a flurry of messages with the explosive text feature. Surprise and delight your friends!
  • Cute Text & Emojis: Decorate your messages with adorable text options and quick emoji access.
  • Story Download & More: Download stories easily and enjoy many other improvements to the story option.


  • Works on All Phones: KB WhatsApp is compatible with both weak and medium Android phones. No one gets left behind!
  • No Harm, Just Fun: Download with confidence. KB WhatsApp won’t harm your phone, just enhance your chats.

Anti-Ban & Privacy Perks:

  • Hide Online Status: Stay invisible online and chat on your terms.
  • Typing & Recording Stealth: Hide what you’re typing and recording from prying eyes.
  • Status Peek: See friends’ statuses without them knowing. Plus, add the option to see all deleted messages!

✨More Updates & Fixes:

  • Night Mode & Status Download Button: Enjoy a revamped night mode and download statuses with ease.
  • Animated Stickers & Hide Seen Message: Get animated stickers and hide that you’ve seen messages (except when you reply).

Steps to Download and Install KB WhatsApp Latest Version?

Ready to unlock the ultimate KB WhatsApp experience? Grab your phone and let’s get this party started!

Step 1: Tap that Download Button!

Find the download button right here on this page (you’re already in the right place ) and give it a click. Sit back and relax while KB WhatsApp makes its way to your phone.

Step 2: Open the Gates for Cool Apps

Before we can welcome KB WhatsApp, we need to make a quick detour to your phone’s settings. Find the “Unknown Sources” option and give it a big thumbs up. This lets your phone know you’re cool with awesome apps from outside the usual app store.

Step 3: Find Your New Bestie

Now, head over to the Downloads folder in your phone’s file manager. See that APK file chilling there? That’s KB WhatsApp waiting for a hug! Tap on it to start the installation process.

Step 4: Open the Door to Awesomeness

Once KB WhatsApp is all settled in, tap its icon to open it up. It’ll ask you for your phone number, just like any friendly app would. You can either create a fresh new account or bring your existing WhatsApp number along for the ride. No worries, your chats and contacts will stay safe and sound.

Step 5: Code Time!

KB WhatsApp will send a special code to your number to make sure it’s you. Enter that code into the app, and you’re officially ready to rock!

That’s it! You’ve now unlocked the full potential of KB WhatsApp. Explore its awesome features, customize it to your heart’s content, and start chatting like a pro. Welcome to the club!

Application nameKB WhatsApp
Application size58.20MB
Application versionV35
OSAndroid 4.4.2 and above

What’s New in V35?

  • {Base Updated} — Play Store.
  • {Added} Custom Media Download control for each chat.
  • {Added} WhatsApp Old UI style (KBMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style).
  • {Added} Added a new option to hide the profile picture from the main screen (KBMods > Home Screen > Header).
  • {Added} See Message Edit History..
  • {Added} Antiban improvements.
  • {Enabled} Multiple Accounts on the same devices.
  • {Enabled} About with expiry (24hr, 3days, 1 week)  .
  • {Enabled} Adjust Group Permissions.
  • {Enabled} New Settings UI.
  • {Enabled} Create profile @username, wait for server activation.
  • {Enabled} Add Email Address to your account (Settings > Account).
  • {Enabled} Option to approve new group members before joining.
  • {Enabled} Media Preview feature.
  • {Enabled} Return original tabs order.
  • {Moved} Light/Night mode option to KBMods > KBThemes .
  • {Fixed} Custom Privacy for Business Chats.
  • {Fixed} Date Bubble not showing clearly when scrolling.
  • {Fixed} Screen share button color in calls.
  • {Fixed} Some text not showing on the white theme during calls.
  • {Fixed} Some text not showing on the white theme during calls.
  • {Fixed} Backup/Restore issues in Android 13+.
  • {Fixed} Storage issue in Android 14.
  • {Fixed} Crash on some phones.
  • {Fixed} Android 14+ Theme download issue.
  • {Fixed} Space when scrolling some UI.
  • {Fixed} Crash in call history on some phones.
  • {Fixed} Bubble Bottom Bar random crash.
  • {Fixed} General bug fixes.
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

Got questions? Don’t be shy! Drop them in the comments below, and let’s chat about all things KB WhatsApp. We’re here to help you unleash its full potential!